Get clothing discounts for used clothesIf you’re like most of us, you probably have stuff you never wear taking up space in your closet. Jeans that don’t fit. An outfit that doesn’t match your climate. Maybe you watched too much Sex and the City, and thought, “Hey, I’m a career-minded gal on the go, I should own a sequined crop top, too.” Not that I’d know anything about that.

    Point is, what you’ve got collecting dust in your closet might be of use to someone in need (except maybe that crop top). And there are some stores that give discounts for your used clothes. Gotta love a money saving tip that also helps you get rid of clutter. 


    I’ve noticed they periodically have denim drives. In fact, at the time of this post, they have one going on until the end of January. Bring in a pair of used jeans, and you get $20 off a pair of J.Crew jeans. The drives are in partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green, an organization that brings used denim to communities in need.


    H&M recycles your used clothes through their “Garment Collecting” program. As a result, you can get clothing discounts of 15% at stores in some countries. I found this out via Reddit:

    It depends on the store, as it can either be 15% one item or 15% your entire purchase. Now you know which one I like to donate… It can be any brand of clothing, and at least from my experiences, you have to bring your bag. You deposit in their trash receptacle, should be a green/tan hue.

    I couldn’t find any explicit information on this via H&M’s website, so I just called a store near me and asked about it. “Yep, we do this at every location,” they told me.


    I’m already impressed with a company that tells potential customers “don’t buy what you don’t need.” But even more impressively, they have a “Worn Wear” program that’s reportedly launched in four locations: Seattle, Portland, Palo Alto, and Chicago. You bring in your used Patagonia items, they give you a clothing discount of 50 percent the value of your used item.

    Men’s Warehouse

    For the past seven years, Men’s Warehouse has held an annual National Suit Drive. Donors bring in their used professional clothing, and Men’s Warehouse gives them a discount of half off their next purchase. Not bad, right? The drive is usually held in July, so check their website for updates.

    Bonus: MAC & Kiehl’s

    Okay, so these aren’t clothing discounts. But I’ve always heard about this MAC program, and I thought it was worth mentioning. You bring in six empty MAC cosmetic containers, they give you free lipstick.

    Similarly, Kiehl’s has a Recycle to Reward program. You bring in ten of their empty containers; you get a free product.

    Of course, you can usually get discounts at consignment shops for bringing in your used stuff, too. I didn’t add these stores in the mix, because this is more of a trade-in than a true clothing discount. But it’s still worth a brief mention.

    Readers, is there anything I’m missing? If you know of any other stores that offer these types of discounts, or have periodic drives, let us know in the comments.

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